Meet Lissa Dulany, Founder of A Badge for That!™

Lissa Dulany

Lissa Dulany provides opportunities for exceptional encouragement, acknowledgement and recognition especially to older parents and spouses and friends as they live through a life challenge, and also to the caregivers who assist them.  Through her company, A Badge for That!™, folks can select an honor to bestow, some of it with a bit of “tongue in cheek” humor, and always with a lot of heart.

After several decades of multi-varied experience as a product development chemist and business manager, with a distinctive “head” focus, and more recently as a property association manager and business owner, Lissa is excited to live this re-invention of self, with a stronger focus on heart.  As she is fond of saying, "We are all either young or the older young!"

Lissa is a Certified Speaker and Trainer for The One Philosophy, and a best-selling author in Journey to the Stage, Volume 5.  She spends her time sharing inspiring messages that cause us to connect with each other on a deeper level, revealing the inherent opportunities for care, love, appreciation and abundance.